I am a fullstop, sweet and small,
Known to one, known to all.
I am the end, or so they say,
Grossly misunderstood I say, if I may.
I am a breather, a pause to ponder,
To chew your pen, a chance to wonder.
I spell ‘What’s next?’ I say ‘move on’,
Do something new, treasure what’s gone.
I close a window, I open a door,
I point to paths not traversed before.
I am the end, but I am the start
Of all that’s still in your heart.
I am a speck, trivial they say,
Let me remind you, honey, if I may.
I direct your life, if I didn’t appear,
You’d be stuck here and now forever.
So remember this, it’s a thumbrule,
A fullstop would stop only a fool.


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