It was by mistake that I had picked up the AmbiPur Set and Refresh Sweet Citrus and Zest Air Freshener Starter pack at the supermarket, assuming it to be the car freshener refill pack. Too lazy to go back to the supermarket to return it, I decided to give it a try anyway. And instantly realized what a lucky mistake it had been!

What took me off guard was how fast it started working. I had just about turned my back after plugging it in that the first wave of the delightful fragrance wafted to my nostrils. And the next moment, it just swept me off my feet. Forgetting my plan to curl up with a book, I simply laid back on the couch, closed my eyes and inhaled the tangy, salty aroma for a long, long time, feeling more rejuvenated with each passing moment.

It is cool as the morning breeze. It is fresh as the woods after the rains. And it is so refreshing that coming home to it is like sipping on a glass of chilled freshly squeezed lemonade on a hot day. And it is all that till the very last drop. Speaking of which, it lasts. It really lasts. The advertisements claim it goes strong for 60 days. I would have happily settled for 40, especially considering I kept it plugged in most of the day, having got too used to house smelling fantastic. But it actually beat the 60-day mark and lasted close to 65 days! Will wonders never cease?

Soon after, I bought the AmbiPur Set and Refresh Blossoms and Breeze Air Freshener Starter, this time not by mistake. And believe me, if life were cartoon, as soon as you plugged it in, you would see bouquets popping up around you! Yes, the fragrance of flowers is unbelievably real. With some imagination, it shouldn’t be difficult to picture yourself in an orchard, by the lake. If that sounds too far-fetched, you can always pretend that the irresistible aroma is from an invisible big bouquet of exotic roses on the mantelpiece. But then, which rose would douse your home in romance and freshness for 60 days? Also, my husband could hate the pink curtains, but he could never blame the Refresh Blossoms and Breeze aroma for being too girly. It’s for everyone. It sets the right mood in a jiffy and soothes the nerves with an expert touch.

I have never been more proud to have guests over. Every guest who would walk in the door would invariably look around for the source of the fragrance. And be bewildered when I would finally point it out to them. Who could have thought such a tiny thing could hold enough strength to completely transform the environment of the entire house?

The reason I had never been too fond of air fresheners is that most of them available in the market are too heady, so solid that you feel suffocated rather than refreshed. But the AmbiPur Set and Refresh Air Freshener Starter is wonderfully subtle, teasing the air with a caress of fragrance rather than stifling it. However, it is indomitable when it comes to removing unwanted odors. The delicate perfume singlehandedly overrides the putrid smell emanating from the trash can, the stink from the piled up unwashed dishes in the sink, the pungent, spicy smell of cooking from next door and the acrid smell of baby’s poop too! And at its price, it’s a steal.

I can’t wait to try out the other Home fragrances from AmbiPur. I know it for a fact that they will be as wonderful as the ones I used.

This is my entry for this contest.


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