A Close Shave and a Second Opportunity

It was the perfect opportunity. Mrs D’Souza is in her mid sixties and stays all by herself in her five bedroom villa. All her maids leave before sundown. She is wealthy and always seems to take pride in exhibiting her jewelry whenever she steps out. And the security around the house is not exaggerated either. A seven feet high compound wall and another foot of barbed wire is all she has to protect herself from intruders. Could not say the same for within-the-house safety measures though – a Doberman is always a force to reckon with. But only when it is alive. Yes, Pedro, all of 13, died a day back.

Girish had travelled a good 2500 km from his hometown to earn a living. He plotted and chalked out the seemingly foolproof plan. And then came the time of execution. Undoing the locks and getting inside the villa was a cakewalk. Only if he knew that Mrs D’Souza is insomniac. Worse, that she carries a flashlight when she uses the restroom at night. She spotted a silhouette move and switched the flashlight on. Girish did not have a choice but to bolt empty-handed. All Mrs D’Douza managed to see was a bearded face for barely a second.

Soon after, Mrs D’Souza approached a personnel agency and employed two security guards to patrol the compound round the clock. Each would greet Mrs D’Souza with a smile every time she would go out or come in. She liked their pleasant manner and smiling faces. And Girish, in his black uniform, would chuckle to himself, “My clean shave look bowled her over”…, while awaiting his opportunity. This time, it would be perfect.

This post is a part of the Protest Against Smelly Stubble Activity in association with Blogadda.



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