Make Your Home Beautiful – Your Unique Way!

The word ‘home’, at its basic, conjures up a space you can call your own – be it a professionally designed masterpiece that would leave the Bollywood biggies gawking or a roof (which badly needs mending) over your head. It can be a place you have lived in for as long as you can remember, or one in a strange city which started off as just an ‘accommodation’ and surreptitiously grew on you. ‘Home’ is a place to put up your tired feet at the end of a hard day, wear bright pink pajamas without being judged, slurp your coffee, and be doused in a warm, cozy cloud of comfort that makes you crave for it when you are away.


Our home says a lot more about us, our personalities, our very beings, than we care to remember. While a home littered with DIY objects speak volumes about the inhabitant’s craft skills, a generous scattering of aroma candles gives away a hopeless romantic. A well-stocked bar and lots of stools and throw cushions signify an ever-ready host while floor-to-ceiling book cases… you get the drift.


So, when you do up your home, or even when you decide not to do up your home, remember that it will come across as an extension of you. And whichever way you choose your home to look has to stem from your unique taste, comfort factor and the amount of time you have to invest in it. (I once invested in a white sofa because it looked great in a glossy magazine’s cover, only to have to switch to dark brown when the white turned steel grey unless washed every weekend, which I soon grew bored of doing.)

While a white wall sets of any décor beautifully, patterned, textured and multi-colored walls look beautiful and are very in. Go for color plays, motifs (Asian paints has unique abstract art, diyas, cute butterflies and much more to lend a dash of class to your walls) or contrasting walls for the unique look, taking your pick from chic or playful, ethnic or bright. With a huge range of colors and textures to choose from – stucco, shimmer, play, royale and much more, you can run out of wall but you won’t run out of fresh ideas for your walls! The Asian Paints Home Solutions has something for every need and taste. Have a great time going through their brochures and bond with your family choosing just the right colors for you. The Asian Paints experts are always ready to help with their professional advice too. To get inspired, take a look at the Inspiration Wall; it is sure to trigger off some unique ideas of your own!


Have a corner in the house you can retreat to. An easy-chair by the window to read in, a recliner to doze in, a piano or a guitar if that’s your thing, a writing table overlooking an inspiring view – take your pick. It should be a corner you can relax and rejuvenate in.

Plants are good for almost everyone. Depending on how much time you have to maintain them, choose delicate flowers or low-maintenance leafy plants, big ones in tubs or tiny bonsai, depending on your room size. Apart from purifying the air, they provide much relief for tired eyes.


Make something of your own for your house. Be it painting a wall yourself or making vases out of beer bottles. You don’t have to be great at it, but doing that would give your house a truly personal touch. It’s like a signature you put in your house – that’s mine! If you are short of ideas, Google is your savior.

At the end of the day, what is more important than any color, any fabric, any pattern is a good vibe. To make sure your home is truly beautiful and  a happy place, spread cheer and happiness. Even bright sunshine yellow curtains would fail to brighten up a home inhabited by grumpy people!  Make your home beautiful, you unique way!

Image courtesy: Asian Paints

My entry for the Asian Paints The Beautiful Home Blogger Contest


5 thoughts on “Make Your Home Beautiful – Your Unique Way!

  1. I say Amen to the pink pajamas. Wearing a pair right now! And yes, I love greens. Heck, I even created a tree of life in my living room, in an attempt to get the outdoors in.

    Well written, concise yet informative. Good luck.

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