Miss Sunshine and Her Magic Potion

Once upon a time, in a kingdom by the sea,

Lived a little princess, as pretty as can be.

Sapphire eyes and rosy cheeks, and skin so honey fair,

But what dazzled all, lo and behold, was her lustrous, glistening hair.


It flowed like a waterfall, in auburn cascading swirls,

It shone like a mirror, when the sun kissed her curls.

It gently swayed like new-spun silk, it caressed the grass below,

Like a cloudburst, like a fountain, her tresses would overflow.


Rolled up in a French Twist, pinned up in bun,

Rose buds red as blood, or ringlets just for fun.

Braided with lovely ribbons, straightened needle-straight.

Colored pretty, gorgeous chignon, anything looked great.


Her companion, a gallant horse, Ponytail by name,

Strode like the wind, on him perched the dame.

A pretty picture, for all to turn and stare,

His mane flowing like a river, alongside her long, gleaming hair.


Little Miss Sunshine, so proud of her hair,

Had a secret – Hush! – that only Ponytail would share.

Every morning, before she drank her glass o’ milk,

She recharged her hair – and his – with a magic potion – Sunsilk!

 ImageThe magic worked its way, bubble, lather and foam,

In his mane and hers, gleaming auburn and chrome.

A shimmer, a spark, and a flash of blinding light,

And their hair flowed longer, stronger and truly blazing bright.

She let her hair fall wet, down the castle roof,

And magic! The scorching sun would vanish – poof!

People heaved a relieved sigh, as hair flowed in the breeze,

A cool shade for the weary, fresh rain for the trees.


Green and green they leaves would gleam, flowers bathed in dew,

Paper boats in puddles would float – indeed a lovely view.

Ponytail galloped down the lanes, sweeping up the dust,

The kingdom shone neat and clean, every nook he passed.


Come winter, days grayed, but the kingdom smiled as ever,

Nothing to fear anyone had, as long as Princess lent her hair.

Wrapped tightly around them, the Princess’s hair-shawl,

Row after row of people sat, watching the brown leaves fall.


Babies slept in the kingdom hall, toasty in hair-blanket,

The Princess sat very still, till they all woke and left.

Ponytail was happy too, to lend a helping mane,

Ready with an umbrella in sudden pouring rain.

The blazing sun, the thrashing rain, the dust so stubborn strong,

Tried all they might, but none could do their magic hair no wrong!

 Her tresses gleamed as bright as ever, his mane shone in glittery hue,

 Thick, full, long, in brilliant abundance, locks and mane flew.

Image courtesy: Personal doodles and Sunsilk

This is my entry for the contest organized by Indiblogger and Sunsilk.


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