But it’s true!!

Here is a compilation of excuses one can use to stay home from school/ college/ work/ family functions in the IPL season, ranging from unique to barely believable; and totally dependent on who you are dealing with. I plan to fall back on some (or all) of these as and when the need arises.

  1. My team wins every time I sit on the corner couch in my grey pajamas during the match. How can I leave home on this important match day? What will my team do without me? (Would work only if the person you are dealing with supports the same team and is equally cricket-crazy.)
  2. I left my phone plus car keys in the car when I came back home last afternoon. When I went inside the house to get my spare car keys, I got locked in. The dudhwala rescued me the next morning (This is specifically for evening family functions and night shifts.)
  3. I had come out in the morning to get the newspaper from the porch and I got locked out. I was in my boxers, so I spent the rest of the day hiding in the garden. I could get in only when my spouse/ parent came back home in the evening.
  4. My hairdresser messed up my hair real bad. I can’t be seen like this.
  5. There is a rabid dog at my front door. I can’t step out.
  6. I saw an UFO. I called the authorities and they came to interview me.
  7. My alarm clock conked, and I didn’t wake up all day.
  8. I saw two little green aliens in a shop. I captured them, roped them and called the police. I had to spend the rest of the day in jail. Because those were just children trying on Halloween costumes.
  9. My parents said they wanted to divorce. I spent the whole day talking them out of it.
  10. I dreamed that I had died and the dream was so real that I kept lying down in bed all day absolutely still.

Starsports.com’s fabulous app for Andriod and IOS has lent a new dimension to cricket-watching for fans across the country. Apart from it being possible now to access HD quality live streaming of matches on the go for free, it has a unique feature called star power index dynamic rating, which analyzes the impact of each player on a match. It is accurate, efficient and updates super fast.


This post is a part of  Cricket just got better! Activity by starsports.com in association with BlogAdda.com.



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