Taking a Cue From The Man Himself

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with Blogadda.com.

Steely resolve, full of grit and determination, yet down to earth. That pretty much sums up my husband’s character today. But I must admit this is not what he was like when I first met him in college 12 years back. He was more carefree then, hardly ever willing to go the extra mile unless push came to shove. He would focus on something for only as long as he enjoyed it or only till it took him over the line; he would rarely look to improve upon that till disaster, or at least a perceived one, struck. He’s brash attitude resulted in him flunking in the half yearly college exams. Needless to say, he was devastated. But the way he fought back thereafter was truly commendable.

But this post is not about him as my role model. This post is about his role model – Rahul Dravid, and how my husband bounced back on the right track taking inspiration from this mega cricketer. When things started going steadily downhill for my husband in college, I tried consoling him with the clichéd “everything will be fine, just study and don’t lose focus”. But he would rather draw analogy from the world of cricket.

It was the time of the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2003 in South Africa and Team India’s campaign was in doldrums after the first couple of games. He was a cricket fanatic, he still is one now, and I wasn’t able to make out what hurt him more – his own performance or India’s. And then came one of the magic moments of inspiration from his favourite player who apparently quoted to the media that the team would focus on their own strengths and not the opposition’s weaknesses. My husband said he would do the same too – worry about his weaker areas only after he ensured that he did not lost his hold on subjects he was better at. Eventually, Team India ended runners-up in the competition.The final exams in college were still a couple of months away. It was time for him to get out of his comfort zone and focus on subjects he was barely interested in. “If he can keep wickets for the team’s cause despite that not being his strongest suit, I can work on my weaker areas too”, he said about his role model. Work he did and came out with flying colours at the end of the term. The professors were both surprised and happy, I was elated, probably more than him! But he only wore a shy smile and said, “Now I know what makes Rahul Dravid succeed…”


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