The Perfect Meal

Biriyani is not only my favorite food, but my love for it is so strong that the aroma of freshly cooked biriyani is my most favorite smell in the world too (sorry first rain and old books, I love you guys too, but as they say, no love is like first love). And so, no dream meal of mine will ever be complete without it.

The biriyani of my dreams will be made of fine, long-grained basmati rice of the best quality. It will be a perfect blend of white and orange and yellow rice, each grain standing out from the other, yet together harmoniously creating a delicacy that would set tongues wagging at first sight. And that’s even before the lid is taken off. And once it is, it should entice every nostril within a mile with its subtle but unmistakable aroma of mild spices and exotic saffron.

The first spoonful of biriyani taken out of the bowl would reveal a succulent piece of chicken underneath, nestling in the aromatic rice, right beside the soft-boiled big potato. Both the chicken and the potato would be lightly roasted and coated with tangy spices that would make them irresistible even to a saint.

This dreamy meal would not be complete without a bowl of cold, creamy raita, a perfect contrast for the hot biriyani. The thick curd, hiding just the right amount of fresh, cool cucumber and tangy onions would set off the biriyani like nothing else can.

Of course, this perfect yet simple meal would not be complete without a refreshing beverage. My choice would be a big tumbler of chilled fresh lime soda, made of the freshest and juiciest limes and topped off with a few cubes of ice.

As any food connoisseur would agree, presentation is almost as important as the food itself. The right serveware can increase the attractiveness of a meal many times while the wrong one can ruin an otherwise delicious meal. For my dream meal, my choice of dinnerware would be the wonderful products from Borosil. I would serve the biriyani in a Borosil Deep Round Casserole and the raita in Borosil Easy Grip Round Casserole. The fresh lime soda would look resplendent in Borosil Canard. The guests can enjoy this wonderful meal on this beautiful melamine dinner set from Borosil.

This post is a part of the My Beautiful Food contest organized by Indiblogger and Borosil.


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