All Things Bright And Zestful

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and

Books: You can’t always be with a friend, and that’s why there are books. They filled my life with imagination and wonder when I was a kid; and they fill my life with even more imagination and more wonder now. A book for me is a magic doorway to a world as different from mine as it can get. They can make me laugh out loud, ponder for days, soak several handkerchiefs or make me frown in annoyance. But one thing is constant about them – a book is the perfect tool to make the endless hours vanish into thin air, while leaving a sweet taste in the heart.

Movies: Two hours of pretending that the real world doesn’t exist, or, that big screen in front of me is the real world, where people actually dance when they are in love or wear makeup to bed, where frogs talk and masterminds pull off maddeningly complicated heists without a problem. Movies are a great way for me to socialize with friends, sharing tubs of popcorn, laughing and crying with them, and analyze it over coffee later. Going to the movies is an occasion, looked forward to, enjoyed and remembered for years, each for a special reason.

Cell phone: Who can believe these little wonders were at one time good only for calls and tiny messages at an exorbitant rate, and people were actually okay with it?! From that to bringing the world into your palms, what a journey it has been – short and superfast! I wouldn’t know what I would do without my cellphone. I freak out even when there is a network problem. The long bus ride to work through the unbelievable traffic is now a fun time – thanks to my cellphone. I use the time to call my mother, catch up on the news, check my mail, and exchange stupid jokes with my friends, thinng I would never get a chance to do once I am caught up in the whirlwind of chores. It calms my nerves with soft music at the dentist’s lounge and lulls my brains to stupor, and finally, sleep, with the same games played over and over again when I can’t sleep at night.

New clothes: As a child, new clothes were synonymous with birthdays. They were the stuff that made birthdays such special occasions to look forward to. I might not make it a point to wear something new for my birthday any more, but new clothes do more for me than burn holes in my pockets. Experimenting with clothes and trying out different styles and colors add that much needed jazz to life, sometimes making me feel like a completely different person.

Photo albums: Good old times add zest to life like nothing else does. And what better way to relive the good old times than browsing through old photo albums? The faded, candid, sometimes yellowed, often frayed photos from days gone long by does for me what Photoshopped digital ones never could – they talk of moments precious enough to capture on expensive celluloid, not clicked on whim in batches of dozens till it turns out just right. I always come out of these photo-browsing sessions with a smile on my lips and my eyes sparkling with tears at the same time.


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