The Black Bucketlist

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Black stands for evil and something inauspicious, they say. Black is, therefore, best avoided. But what if I told myself that black is not all that bad? What if I had a bucket list of “black” items to check? I would certainly go ahead and chase my dreams and make my wishes come true.

And to top that wish list is a loyal companion – a black Labrador. Money cannot buy you friends – however clichéd that may sound, to get a man’s best friend to live under the same roof as mine is financially taxing to say the least. I am sure I can afford one someday. How I would love to take her (yes, I have decided to bring home a female puppy) for walks twice a day, feed her, train her and not to mention play with her!

India is probably not the safest place for me on this planet. But I can put my best foot forward and make it safer for myself and possibly my friends and near ones. In case you are wondering how, martial arts is the way to go – to graduate in karate with a black belt is my aim – not just for the heck of it, but to apply my learnings on the ground. And yes, I will go by the book – my skills will be tested only when I feel threatened and not indiscriminately.

Gardening has been my hobby and to grow something one rarely gets to see is my dream. Growing a black rose and showing if off to all and sundry can well and truly check another item on my “black” wish list. Talk about neighbor’s envy, owner’s pride!

Everyone loves to get discounts on one’s favorite stuff. So, nothing can possibly get better than grabbing hold of something I wanted for some time on a Black Friday sale. Living in India makes it impossible to even imagine being a part of the madness every year, but I surely wish to experience it first-hand at least once in my lifetime. As much as holidaying in the US during the winter months is dissuaded, I would certainly not mind braving the weather on the day after the fourth Thursday of November.

I am not a big fan of gambling and card counting is definitely not my cup of tea but to learn the tricks of and win a game of blackjack will give me ultimate kick. Yes, that is on my wish list too – not to go overboard and bet my house on a casino table yet come out of it with flying colors and a truckload of fortune!


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