Scanning The Malaysian Skies

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My husband and I are putting more thought into our fifth anniversary celebrations than we did to the wedding itself. It has to be PERFECT. No two ways. Then, a perfect trip means different things for different people – while some would define it as jumping off a perfectly good plane with a parachute strapped on the shoulder, some others would swear that getting off a train 20 stations before the destination and exploring it for 20 days (and never getting to the original destination) was the best thing that ever happened to them. I am neither type. I belong to the category of people who like to virtually visit a place before physically landing there. By the eve of the journey, I like to know everything that there is to know about the place – sightseeing places, offbeat places, places to eat, signature dishes of those places, weather forecast, roads to avoid, flyovers under construction, public transport pros and cons – you get the drift, a mini PhD. I love surprise gifts and surprise parties. But when it comes to travel, I am all for familiarity.

Having said that, I seriously believe that God created Skyscanner exclusively with me in mind. Not God probably, but whoever the mastermind behind this virtual wonder is. I always considered myself a trained policedog at sniffing out the best deals. I don’t want to brag, but I could tell you off my head which site is running a 34% discount, which would actually make the dress you are lusting after Rs.30 cheaper than if you use your prize voucher at another site. You are welcome.

Coming back to traveling, I always thought I knew all that there was to know about finding the cheapest deals in flights and hotels. The first time I tried Skyscanner, I was shocked as the bubble I was living in burst, and drenched me in humility. This was right after I voted for Malaysia to celebrate our five years of crazy roller-coaster ride in and my husband tapped a few buttons on his laptop and brushed the idea off with a “We can’t afford Malaysia Airlines. So Malaysia is out.” I was not going to give up so easily. And then, in a moment of brilliance, I logged in to Skyscanner.


Imagine my utter surprise and delight when I found that Airasia was actually a lot cheaper and – I caught my breath – Bravofly was offering the best deal on flight tickets. Bravofly! What on earth is that? How many of you out there even heard of it? I know I never did, and I thought I was a pro. And these sweeties are actually giving away tickets at the lowest price. If it wasn’t for Skyscanner, I would never have found these darlings! I am used to having around 20 tabs open in my browser when I am down and dirty into my research program. And now, everything in one window! And OMG, it’s a direct flight, takes off at the perfect time after dinner, and we get to sleep on the flight. What more could we ask for?


Umm, I know what I would ask for. Similar irresistible deals on hotels. Yeah, I am one greedy bugger. But Skyscanner is happy to help here as well. A few clicks and see what a gem I found. The Royale Chulan Hotel looks magnificent. It’s a five-star hotel. And we can actually afford it! If I had wanted to research individual hotels, I would never have dared searching for five-stars. And look at what we would have missed! It’s right in the Business District, so easily accessible, and oh-my-god-so-gorgeous!! Also, Skyscanner nudges me in the right direction of Agoda, which is offering a cool Rs.6000 discount on 3 nights’ stay! And did I mention it’s five-star? Okay, I will shut up now. Sorry.


I plan to see everything that there is to see in this sparkling city – the Petronas Towers, KL towers, Batu Caves, Aquaria KLCC, the beautiful mosques, the bird park, and much more, not to mention a new place for every meal. When you have plans so big, you can’t really do without a personal vehicle. Well, Skyscanner to the rescue again! I click for a few minutes, and find a Mini Peuget is exactly what we are looking for! While booking a car online, you can specify where you want to pick it up from and where you want to drop it off. You also have the choice of Automatic and gear vehicles. Also, your search is made easy with the available vehicles clearly categorized.

Capture8Capture10After spending three nights at the beautiful city of KL, it’s now time to fly to Langkawi. What can I say, Bravofly has done it again! I could get used to all this pampering!

Capture4Something tells me Skyscanner will not disappoint me when I look for that perfect resort in Langkawi… And Whoa! Am I right or am I right??! Ho ho ho, five-star again. More importantly, affordable again! Over Rs. 7000 discount again!! If Skyscanner were a person, I would ask it out for dinner right now. Look at the resort. Isn’t it breathtaking? “…nestled amidst 38 acres of spacious, lush, tropical surroundings with an idyllic stretch of private beach coves. A 5-minute drive from the resort, guest find Telaga Harbour , a spanking new gateway and destination for yachts plying the region.” OMG, where were you all my life??

Capture5Langkawi is an idyllic spot, all green and blue, and driving around would be a bliss. That is why, we decided to rent a car during our stay there also, so that we can move around and drink in the beauty of Langkawi without worrying about bus routes and being overcharged by cabs.

Capture6And wow, the planning is done! And when I calculate the price, I can’t believe my eyes! Air fares, five-star accommodation, personal vehicle throughout – for 2 people – only Rs. 93,271. So I have enough left for food! My husband said it could never be done for less than Rs 1.5 Lakhs, so he can’t stop me from shopping a little (or a lot) with the remaining money! And the best part is, we are assured of the best price, not to mention getting the work done in 20 minutes flat, which otherwise would have taken days (and even then we would always wonder if we forgot to look at any site). Skyscanner doesn’t just help save money, it helps save tons of energy and time too!


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