Healthy Child, Happy Home

Home was wearing an eerie silence because there was no high-pitched giggle to pierce through it. Toys were sitting idly in a solitary corner. The red football looked particularly forlorn. The woman of the house was unnaturally quiet. Her hair was uncombed, with strands falling out of the messy ponytail. The man of the house had a deep frown across his brow. There was no whistle of the cooker or aroma of baking. The curtains were drawn, so sunshine couldn’t play in the rooms. It was, overall, a household emanating severe unhappiness. And all because, a 2-year-old was in bed with high fever and chest infection for two weeks.

It is strange how we scream at kids to keep their voices down when they are at their hyperactive peak and crave the very same ruckus when they are ill. For those two weeks that my little boy was in bed, I would have given anything to have him run around the kitchen clanging utensils, climbing onto the table and refusing to get down or turn up the volume of the TV so loud that it was impossible to even think – the very same activities he usually gets stern looks for (which he ignores, of course).

As we lay awake every night, cringing every time he coughed or cried, his breathing fast and strained, we realized that when a kid falls ill, it sucks the life out of a home, proving what we sometimes forget – that they are the life of a home. It’s impossible to be happy in a home where a child is suffering. The parents give up their normal lives and spend their time holding a tiny hand in theirs, willing hard for their precious to get better, ready to swap all sickness with their baby in a heartbeat. And because it was his birthday in three days’ time, we were all the more heartbroken. The big plans were all put on hold, the cake wasn’t ordered, the invitees were informed that there might not be a party. The only outing was nebulization and doctor visits – no fun parks, no zoos, no frolicking in the sandpit.

And, as if by a miracle, the morning of his birthday, he woke up and smiled, for the first time in two weeks. The previous night’s nebulization had worked wonders, his chest wasn’t rattling on touch and the cough was very infrequent. He finished his milk and cereal, after an almost complete starve of days. He even tottered over to pick up his favorite possession in the world – his red football. We were so excited! The party was on again! He wasn’t his usual active self, but he cut his cake, posed for the camera and smiled at his guests. What more could we ask for?

Children spell happiness for a home. And this is why, it is so important to keep children out of sickness with the help of proper preventions and precautions. Teaching them proper hygiene, making them wear weather-appropriate clothing and making sure they eat the right kind and amount of food are the basic guidelines towards a healthy child. It is vital, in this respect, to strengthen the immunity of a child at an early age. And immunity for a child is almost synonymous with Dabur Chyawanprash. It is stuffed with the most vital nutrients and antioxidants and has been proven to multiply a child’s immunity by 3. Which means, very simply, that the happiness of a home would also become threefold!


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