Jazzing up my home with Porcelanosa

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Few things in life offer as much pleasure as doing up a house little by little, carefully choosing each ingredient that makes a house a home. At PORCELANOSA, you get under one roof everything you might want to turn your home into a beautiful haven that you would be intensely proud of.

For starters, I would choose Mosaico Outlines Brick Burma for the drawing room. It’s stunning, and would add a touch of sophistication to the drawing room. Anybody entering the room would have his eyes drawn to first to the wall boasting of this mosaic. On the other hand, the Skyline Trial Bombay is perfect for the bedroom. It’s subtle, muted but would stand out by its sheer uniqueness. There is a strip of wall between the drawing room and the bedroom and I believe the Arabia Gold 1 wall tiles would jazz it up like nothing else can. It’s shimmery golden so it is perfect for a narrow strip. It would surely turn heads.

I am in love with the Foc Roble Cacao dressing room too. It’s gorgeous and convenient and very classy. The Terra Nogal Tenue would blend well with the muted theme of the bedroom and provide ample space for all my possessions. Oxford Cognac Ceramic tiles offer a warm glow and would give the house a woody feel. Tavola Foresta AntiSlip is perfect for the balconies because it would go well with the rest of the décor, and they are, well, anti-slip.

The bath has to be really luxurious. The Almond bathtub looks amazing – nothing is more classy than white after all. To maintain the white theme, I would choose Essence-C basins. I have always wanted a rain shower for the bath. And Essence-C Rain Showers look simply perfect. It’s sleek and stylish and would blend really well with the rest of the bath décor. To go with it, I would choose the Attica 1 Shower screen. It’s simple and functional, with no unnecessary bling. I have never seen such amazing tapware as Mood Blue. The color is attractive, plus its new technology does make it one of a kind. The Bluebell Silver wall tiles would work perfectly for the bath. It is shiny, attractive and really one of a kind.

I love cooking and would spend a long time in the kitchen, so it has to be just perfect. And that’s the very adjective to describe the G680 Roble Camel Vintage cabinets. They are warm brown, woody and classy. I can’t take my eyes off the Curve Roble Blanco Cal dining set for the kitchen. Though white might be tricky to maintain, it is just too beautiful to pass up. All the options in the kitchen tap section are too good, and it is really difficult to choose one, but I think I would pick Monomando Berlin because of its straight lines and stylish design.

Can’t wait to get started!

This post is for Porcelanosa and Indiblogger.


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