Pledge For A Cleaner India

This post is written for the #AbMontuBolega initiative by Strepsils and Indiblogger. Do check out the Strepsils pages on Facebook and Twitter.

AbMontuBolega is a great concept from Strepsils, which invites the common man to speak up against injustice and claim their rights without any fear or apprehension. Everyone is invited to share their voice on the website, be heard, and make a difference in their lives and those of others. At the same time, you stand to win lots of vouchers!

When I look around me, I feel a sense of deep distress and guilt to see what we have done to our stunningly beautiful country. Whereas on the one hand there is unprecedented infrastructural and economic growth, carving a prestigious place for India in the world map, on the other hand, there is shameful poverty, pollution, corruption, and a demon that’s growing more powerful everyday – garbage. This demon is growing by feeding on lack of civil sense of the people and indifference of the Government.

We Indians have become used to cover our nose with a handkerchief when we cross certain roads. It is a way of life for us to tiptoe around piles of garbage rotting on our footpaths. But it shouldn’t be a way of life, we shouldn’t get comfortable with this sorry situation. We must raise our voice and claim our right to a clean, hygienic environment. And the voice should be loud enough to reach the ears of those who can make a difference.

The first step towards a Swachh Bharat would be to promise to ourselves that we will not make our country dirty. If the promise is made wholeheartedly, it is not difficult to keep at all. We don’t litter in our own homes, then why not think of India as our home? When we are outdoors, how difficult is it to carry paper, plastic and other waste in our bags and drop them in a suitable waste bin instead of casually throwing them on the road?

When we are indoors, we must collect garbage in proper garbage bags, tie them up , and dispose of them in the right way, putting them in designated garbage boxes or garbage collection vans, instead of throwing them on the footpaths or fields from our balconies.

Though the people are a very vital tool in making India cleaner, the Government must also take its role seriously. Garbage overflowing from garbage pits is a very common sight and only goes to show that they are not emptied regularly by those whose job it is to do so. More strict vigilance and more manpower are the keys to solving this problem. It is also important to properly train and supervise those whose job it is to clean the streets, so that indifference and a half-done job don’t spoil the program. Sweeping fallen leaves and other debri from the streets to the sides of the streets doesn’t solve the problem, picking them up and disposing of them does. We all know that often the budget associated with cleanliness end up in private pockets. Corruption is a huge devil to tackle, but if each Indian makes up his mind to make his country Swachh and beautiful, no amount of corruption can stop him.


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