Canvas Tab P666 – WOW!

Check out the super cool Canvas tab P666! You are going to love it!

This post is a part of the Happy Hours initiative by Indiblogger and Micromax.

I am a self-proclaimed movie buff. Movies are my way to unwind, movies are my favourite form of recreation, movies are my best source of entertainment – you get the drift. I love movies belonging to all genres – romcoms, action, horror, thrillers, inspirational, war, patriotic – you name it. I watch not only the ‘big’ movies, but numerous of those ones that you don’t even get to hear about, because it is not rare to discover gems in that category. My list of favourite movies would run into a few full pages – front and back! I have a different favourite movie for each mood – You’ve Got Mail for a romantic evening, Sixth Sense for the thrills, Rambo for its mindblowing action, DDLJ for that much-needed mush fix, Andaz Apna Apna for a few good laughs – and the list goes on and on. There was a time when I used to watch at least one movie a day, especially in college, or at least very few weeks would go by when I wouldn’t watch at least five. However, those glory days were sadly falling behind me.

With getting a job, the only time I could go for movies would be the weekend, being too tired at the end of long work hours to fully enjoy a movie. Getting married to another movie buff meant catching movies whenever possible, though, but never enough to satisfy my passion for movies. And with being a mom, movies suddenly became a luxury, or much rather a distant memory, rather than a lifestyle.

Even though my biggest complain is lack of time, I do find 2.5 hrs in a day which I am practically wasting. Yes, it is the amount of time I spend in the bus, on my way to work and back. It didn’t take me long to figure out that it was the right amount of time for a movie – I could watch the first half on the way to work, treat the day as an unfortunately long interval, and watch the rest on my way back. It was perfect.

I tried watching movies online on my phone. The sudden reappearance of movies back in my life did keep me happy for a while, but very soon, I started getting tired of being glued to the little screen (yes, I have a regular smartphone). It just wasn’t enough. Somebody suggested buying a tab. I knew I wanted oen which would make watching movies a pleasure, plus would have voice calling, because there is now ay I am going to carry around two gadgets at all times. And look – seems like I found it!

The Canvas Tab P666 is sleek and stylish, but I am not shallow and not impressed by just its looks. Its specifications seem to be a godsend for movie buffs like me. Its 20.32cm (8) WXGA IPS screen is the perfect size! Not too small to squint into, but not overly huge that would make it difficult to carry it. I am very particular about picture quality – I like my movies crystal clear. And Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator for Superior Graphics, 800×1280 pixels resolution, and 16M Colour Depth guarantee a world-class viewing experience. What’s still better, 8GB ROM, expandable up to 32GB would ensure that I have enough space to store several movies. It’s superior technology would ensure smooth streaming, and uninterrupted enjoyment. Wow!

Now I can definitely put the 2.5 hrs stuck in the horrid Bangalore traffic to good use.


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