The Jigsaw

I never know how to answer the question “So, what do you do?” I want to sit them down and tell them that I read like a woman possessed, I write like my life depended on it, I play with my son to relive my childhood, I bask in my friendship with my husband, I am a movie buff, I travel to indulge in the thrill of exploration. I chatter incessantly on the phone with my parents and my in-laws. I am always looking for new things to do. And yeah, I also have a full-time job at one of the biggest software companies in the world. Ahh, they say at this point. This is what they wanted to know. As if I had been rambling all this time. As if the other things are not important.

The more indulgent ones keep asking me where I find the time to fit in all these activities. Well, it is like asking someone where they find the time to breathe! When you really love something, you don’t struggle to make time for it; even without your trying, it seamlessly blends into your life. It is almost as if it has a character of its own, and it knows that you can’t do without it, and so, it will sneak in wherever it finds a little space. Like, the reason I don’t gripe about the 1.5 hours commute to work in the maddening traffic because I actually call it my reading time. While others find it maddening, I find it strangely relaxing.

The truth is, a woman is like a jigsaw puzzle. The curiously shaped pieces need to be put in their right places, and they all need to be put together to get a complete picture of what she is all about. Just like a jigsaw, there are no pieces that are more important than the others. A woman robbed of the little things she loves is like an abandoned puzzle – incomplete and meaningless.


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