The Question

This post is for Happy Hours, an initiative by Closeup Cupid Games and Indiblogger.

Well, it is too late now, considering I am already married to my Mr. Somewhat Right and we are parents to a bouncy 2 year old. But there is no way that this small fact is going to stop me from drawing out what I think would be a perfect proposal if I had to do it all over again (with the same person!). Marriage is a humongous decision, and the proposal is the single most important question you would ask in your life (even more important than if you are Amitabh Bachchan and asking the 7 crore question on KBC). Likewise, I feel that the momentousness of my perfect proposal should be spread out over several days than dropped out of the blue one fine day. Valentine’s Day, even if somewhat cliché, is undoubtedly the perfect day to pop the million dollar question. But I would rather treat it as the grand finale of my week-long proposal, which would kick-start seven days before the big day.

Day 1: He would receive a courier. A mysteriously big box from an anonymous sender. Inside the box will be a smaller box, and inside that a still smaller one. Probably the fifth one (I wouldn’t push my luck with more than five, because knowing him, he would probably run out of patience and throw the whole thing away) would have a tiny card with the letter A, along with a red rose.

Day 2: We would meet for lunch or dinner, and after he drops me off at home, he will find a card marked Y on the seat of the car, and a box of his favorite Ghirardelli chocolate. Later, I will send him a message saying he needs to collect these cards for a great surprise.

Day 3: We would head out to our favorite square for ice-creams. There, a street musician would croon out a cheesy Bollywood wedding song, and after the performance, hand over a card saying R to him, along with a CD compiled of our favorite songs, and leave smiling.

Day 4: He would find a card saying M on his car windscreen when he sets out for work the next morning, along with an album with all our favorite pictures together.

Day 5: A special food package would be delivered to his office during lunch. It would have the chicken sandwich and cheesecake that we had enjoyed on our first date. On the box would be a card saying E.

Day 6: As he would pick up the book on his night-stand before going to bed, in place of the bookmark, he would find a card saying R, with tickets to a big cricket match.

Day 7: We would go for a movie, and during the interval, as he polishes off the last of his popcorn, he would find a card saying M at the bottom.

Day 8: I would invite him over to our college where we met, and ask him to bring the cards. We would order chaat and masala soda like old times, and sit on our favorite bench. Then I would ask him to arrange the cards. When he does that and looks up, I would be holding up a card with only a question mark!


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