Chat vs. Phone calls

This post is a part of Happy Hours, an initiative by Indiblogger and Quikr. Check out Quikr’s wonderful feature called QuikrNXT, thanks to which you can now chat for free with buyers and sellers while enjoying complete number privacy, share photos and have a backup of all chat histories. Isn’t that amazing?

Not being much of a talker, I have always preferred chatting to talking. The reasons are manifold, and the rising popularity of Google Talk and WhatsApp and their wealth of amazing features has only made chatting seem much more fun, convenient and attractive than phone calls. My top three reasons for choosing chatting over talking would be:

  • Privacy: This would be my foremost concern while communicating in public. My ‘phone time’ is during the bus commute to work, and as such, I usually rely on chatting rather than talking, because the person sitting next to me has no business knowing about what I cooked for dinner the previous night (when I am talking with my mother), or my movie plans (when I am talking with my husband), or my opinion about a common friend’s boyfriend (when I am gossiping with my best friend). I come across so many people yapping loudly on the phone in public places, and disclosing seriously private information. And I cringe every time. QuikrNXT gives a new dimension to privacy in chatting, as it does not disclose your phone number.
  • Timing and Convenience: Phone calls have a way of catching people at the wrong time. I don’t want to answer the phone when I am just about to find out the identity of the killer in the new mystery novel. Or when I am at a movie. Or when I am plain and simple not in the mood to talk. I hate being put on hold, and as such, I always avoid putting others on hold, while I attend to another call or to something urgent offline. These problems do not arise in case of chatting. People can just leave me messages, and I can attend to them at my convenience. Checking a message takes much less time than attending a call any day. And the same holds true when I want to leave a message for anybody else. Plus, with chat, you can take a moment to think about what you are going to write.
  • Easy sharing: When I am gushing over my new purchase – this gorgeous watch I can’t take my eyes off – to my friend, I can instantly take a picture of it and share with her from across the world instead of trying to describe its beauty in words. When my hubby pings from work to ask what the little hooligan is up to, I can quickly capture and send to him a short video of our little one playing “accident-accident” with his little cars. That would surely give him something to shake his head over at work. I can easily send the new song I love to my cousin and forward the awesome meme my funny colleague sent. And thanks to Quikr, I can send my house pictures to a prospective tenant, all in a few seconds.

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