Asus Zenfone – in love with it!

Check out the gorgeous new Asus Zenfone. You will surely fall in love with it.

Being away from my husband on Valentines day was tough. But thankfully, I did not have a reason to sulk for very long. Hubby promised to buy me anything I wanted to make up for being away on this day. And after a long, excited, and meticulous thought, I decided it was time to upgrade my phone. As I reviewed its many and wonderful features, I realized with wonderment that it would not just make a great phone, but a perfect valentine for any girl.

Multitasking efficiency: Its Dual Core 1.6 GHz, 2 GB RAM, and GPU PowerVR ensure seamless and smooth multitasking, and its ability to switch between apps without snags. Imagine what a great quality this is for a valentine, who would respond to your reports about your day at work, while also concentrating on the match; who would help you cook an exotic valentine lunch while cleaning your kitchen as he goes, and at the same time, not forgetting to compliment you on your new dress.

Drop-dead gorgeous looks: Grand 5 inch IPS Display, HD Resolution, 294 PPI, TruVivid technology sure add up to a snazzy, attractive look. The concentric circle finish lends it a simple, classy look without being unnecessarily flashy. And when you walk with it, flaunt it unabashedly, other girls will have no choice but to be envious, same as if you walked the roads with your Prince Charming who is chiseled to perfection and has all the charm and swagger of a true hero.

Boundless energy: The Asus Zenfone is blessed with a 2110 mAh battery and upto 18 hours of battery life. Which translates to the fact that it would never run out of energy. Which also means that he would go from back to back movies, to marathon shopping to a long-drawn dinner without being tired, still smiling at the end of a power-packed, unforgettable day.

No forgetting: With a 16 GB internal memory and a 64 GB extendible one, it has all the space to store your treasures. It is like having a valentine who remembers your birthday, all your anniversaries (the first meeting, the first date, the first hand-holding, the first kiss), and all the sweet nothings you ever shared, and also your secret fears, your pet dreams and all those odd peeves, and acts accordingly. Sigh!

A serenade just for you: Powered with a high quality SonicMaster system, and a cutting-edge audio optimization technology developed by the Asus Golden Ear Team, this valentine of yours would woo you with melodious songs till you melt. Request him to croon any song as per your mood and liking, and he will sing it out to you in his rich, deep, powerful voice!

This post is a part of Happy Hours organized by Indiblogger and Asus.


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