The Bucket List

As they very rightly say, in their deathbeds, most people regret the things they did not do rather than the things they did. But then, unfortunately, various factors – societal pressure, lack of time, shame, shyness, and so on – stop people from realizing their full potential and fulfilling their pet dreams during their lifetime. That, however, does not stop most people from having a bucket list of things they would love to see fulfilled before they die. Not all of it comes true, no doubt, but a bucket list is still as precious as any treasure, and sometimes, just as big a secret. I am no different. If there had not been various obstacles to fulfilling them – in other words, had I been #BefikarUmarBhar – I would go on a frenzy ticking on items from my bucket list.

  • Write a book: It was my childhood dream to pen down a novel that would reflect my dreams and aspirations, with just the right touch of fiction. A book that hundreds would relate to, and which would disappear off the shelves at lightning speed. So far, I have not written even the first word of the book, thanks to majorly lack of time and also a somewhat lack of initiative.
  • Travel the world: Explore the enchanting lands, scale the mountains, surf the rivers, swim in the oceans, make friends with people who are as different from me as could be – that would be the way I would like to lead my life. The main obstacle in realizing this dream is financial, and if that were not a factor, I would be writing this post under an orange tree in Tuscany.
  • Teach eager children: One of my happiest memories is of the time I used to teach needy but delightfully enthusiastic children at an NGO when I myself was a student. And that is something I would love to do again, for a few years at least. But whenever I seriously consider putting the wish into action, the home loan, and car loan, and other liabilities weigh heavy.
  • Own a library: A library is for me an oasis. I would rather be surrounded by books than by jewels. My dream is to own a library that would not only be my pride but an enchanted land for book lovers. It would house all kinds of books – in all languages, of all genres, rare books, soiled books, the latest bestsellers. Anybody would be free to walk in and sink into its depth of knowledge and entertainment. There would be no fees, and there will be no record of who is issuing what book. Book lovers would be bound by honor to take care of each book and return it.
  • Learn a foreign language: Very few joys of life surpass the joy of learning a new language, its nuances, its unique intricacies and grammar, and to wow others with your skill in it. At this juncture of life, on the verge of moving to Germany, I would love to learn this strong language, to understand its people better and be more readily accepted by them in turn.

This post is a part of Happy Hours organized by Indiblogger and IDBI Federal.


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