Dry Baby, Happy Baby

If there is one thing that makes me jealous of babies apart from them being allowed to sleep as much as they want, is their ability to be so completely, extraordinarily happy, and that too, without needing anything in particular to instigate it.

My little boy does not need expensive toys to be happy. In fact, he is happy to turn anything he finds into a toy. Clanging a spoon against a bowl for hours gives him immense joy. So does crumbling a biscuit in his little fist, and then licking the crumbs off. I still remember the time he tried to walk for the first time, fell on his face, and I exclaimed Ooops! And he laughed nonstop till I myself had tears rolling down my cheeks. Then there was this time when I was feeding him Cerelac, he sneezed with his mouth full, and it splattered all over my face. He giggled till he was red in the face, and continued laughing while pointing at my face even after I had washed the remnants off. Again, of course, a thorough nuzzling of the little tummy would never fail to make him happy.

Then began the rather painful phase, when he used to sneak up to a sleeping person and bite his nose with his brand new acquisitions (his two front teeth), and as the poor sleeper would jump right out of bed, the little devil would plop down on the bed and laugh like a baby possessed. Also, whenever anyone used to sit on the floor with their back to him, he sued to quietly come and hug them tight from behind, and laugh gleefully. Sometimes, he would start laughing by mistake before hugging and that would give away his plan!

Only three things had the capability to dampen his otherwise impeccably happy mood – lack of sleep, hunger and wetness. I could take care of the first with some difficulty – because he would put up maddening resistance to sleep. The second one was also easy – because thanks to the good Lord above, he was fond of eating. However, it was the easiest to take care of the third factor – wetness. We went through a lot of trials and errors while choosing the right diaper for him – too big, too small, leakages, torn straps, washables, disposables, pants – it was a never ending headache. Finally, we hit upon Pampers and struck gold. The weight recommendations mentioned on the pack was just perfect, and we had no trouble choosing the right size. Then of course there was the most important factor of keeping him dry and happy through the night. Here, Pampers scored more than any other brand we had tried. Its unique gel locking technology kept wetness at bay and he never woke up at night on account of wetness.

Check out how Pampers keeps your baby dry and happy.


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