My New Home

This post is for an initiative by Go ahead, #StartANewLife!

There is sweet bliss to be cocooned in your comfort zone. No surprises, no shocks – only a cozy, warm envelope of familiarity. When I got married, left my home of 26 years and moved to a city I had never visited before, I had this distinct feeling of rushing into a waterfall from the safety of my boat, without even extending a tentative toe to check if the water was too cold.

But then, after the initial overwhelming fear of drowning, came this surge of exhilaration – a combination of freedom, the rush from new responsibilities and the excitement of stepping out of the comfort zone. I would always miss my childhood home, but without even realizing, whenever someone said ‘home’, I thought of my little, somewhat messy, a lot cozy rented flat. The torrential waterfall had now become my calm lake.

A calm lake can be soothing, but the heart yearns for adrenaline. And that’s what I felt when we signed off our life savings to make down payment for our own house. Shopping would now have to be controlled, corners would need to be nipped, no splurging, no extravagance. Bad news. But no – we had never been happier! We had dived headlong into the ocean to see if we could swim. And found that we were dolphins! Nothing could match up to the pride we felt as our dream house grew in front of our eyes, brick by brick, layer by layer. Nothing ever could beat the rush of doing it up – one cushion cover at a time. We had our very own nest to snuggle in. and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Or so we thought. Nine months later, we found ourselves packing up all our earthly possessions, stashing away the photos we had framed across the walls, the furniture we had scourged the city for. We were moving abroad in search of new adventures. I left a job I loved, rented out our beloved home to strangers, took our toddler out of the school he adored, said goodbye to the beautiful city we called home. There were apprehensions, a few tears, a few doubts as to whether this was the right thing to do. But the beckoning of the bigger unknown was too strong. This time, we were diving off a cliff, hoping there was an ocean below!

As we stepped out of our comfort zone, we found a vista of new experiences, a sea of opportunities, a thousand more reasons to smile, to dance, to laugh out loud, to be thrilled about. And we realized, your childhood home is not your home, nor is your husband’s home, or the one you spent your life’s savings on. This entire world was asking for a chance to transform itself into a home you could love, you only needed to step out.


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