Family that stays #together

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The day I became a mom is so far the best day of my life. For more reasons than one. To begin with, well, I became a mom, I had a baby to call my own, and that is a feeling that beats any other. The other reason that the day remains etched in my memory is that I realized anew, and with giddy intensity, what a wonderful family I had.

Even the baby seemed t realize that a beautiful family was awaiting its arrival. He probably couldn’t wait to meet them. So he decided to arrive a little early. And in a city far away from my hometown, far away from the ‘elders’ (that is how I would always think of my parents, no matter how old I myself become), I was petrified. Of course, I had with me a husband who was as supportive as I could have hoped, but when I saw his hands trembling several times, it didn’t really help to soothe my nerves.

The doctor was encouraging and assured me everything would be smooth. But I had reached that moment when I was scared of being optimistic, too terrified to hope for the best, and basically a mess. However, it all did go smoothly. And I heard that magic cry and saw a little puckered up face sleeping peacefully within the folds of a blue blanket before drifting off into sleep myself.

When I opened my eyes after a few hours, I thought I was still sleeping, because the scene in front of me was nothing less than a dream. My mother was holding my brand-new baby and crooning to him. My mother-in-law, her face suffused with pride, was beaming at him. My dad, face flushed with delight, was recounting the story of the day when I was born. And my father-in-law, usually a quiet person, was almost jumping up and down. I turned my head and my husband was sitting next to me, holding my hand. The two sets of parents had instantly flown down to be with us on this day which was not only special for them but equally (if not more) for them. I had tears of joy seeping down my cheeks as the two sets of grandparents smiled and sang to the baby, or just sat around looking at him breathe. And through all the pain from the epidural, I was smiling throughout.

Now I knew why they called babies bundles of joy. That little creature had brought the entire far-flung family #together with happiness, hope for the future and utter delight. Likewise, the baby also helped me realize that our parents may not always be with us, but they will never be too far away when we need them.


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