This post is for Coca Cola.

Happiness is a whimsical creature. Just when you thought you did everything to capture it, it eludes you. And sometimes, when you least expect it, it surreptitiously comes and gently sits on your lips, making you break out into your best smile. Though sometimes it may look like it, happiness cannot be bought, and even if it can be, that variety of happiness is usually too short-lived. The most long-lasting, the deepest and the purest form of happiness is free, found at the most unexpected places and remains etched in memory forever. Some such happy moments in my life are:

  • When someone remembers my birthday and drops a line to wish me, even though it is not mentioned on Facebook. And if they send a hand-made card or a poem they wrote themselves, my whole year is made. Thankfully, I get this gift on every birthday.
  • When I lie down beside my sleeping baby, and in his sleep, he turns over and snuggles into my arms.
  • When I catch my mother looking at my faded marksheets from KG to Masters. No institute or workplace ever cared for the fact that I topped my class in kindergarten. But it was still worth it because my mother is still proud as anything!
  • Laughing over the same old jokes with friends.
  • Opening an eye in the morning only to realize it is a Sunday, and gently drift back to sleep.
  • Chilled aam panna prepared by my mother-in-law on a hot day.
  • My husband noticing the things that caught my eye at the mall and surprising me with them on my birthday.
  • Getting a reply to a fan letter. And keeping it safe for 20 years!
  • Catching someone I never really liked saying nice things about me behind my back.
  • Making impossible travel plans with hubby.
  • When my son’s pre-school teacher complains with a smile that he keeps refusing to say M for Monkey, but says M for Mamma every time he is quizzed.
  • When I found that my brand new mobile still worked even after falling into the sea.
  • Being mistaken for my cousin who is 8 years younger than me at a family function!
  • Realizing that I still remember every word of my long school prayer.
  • Finding a crumpled up 50 bucks in my old jeans pocket just before giving away the jeans.
  • My colleague’s eyes misting up on my last day at work.
  • Fitting back into my favorite tee from my pre-pregnancy days.
  • Getting yet another stamp on my passport.
  • Meeting my old school teacher and she recognizing me.
  • My best friend paying a surprise visit at the airport to see me off.
  • Fighting over the last slice of pizza and haggling over the bill with friends.
  • Meeting friends at an old favorite coffee shop and spending hours gossiping over strawberry shakes.

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