Guptaji’s Tasty Snacks

This post is for Kellogg’s. Check out the super cute video here.

I love all things chocolate. If I am allowed to eat only one kind of food for the rest of my life, I would choose chocolate in a heartbeat. So, it s no surprise that ever since I found out that Guptaji makes this delectable First Crush Wala Nashta at his house, I am eagerly waiting for an invitation from him. My mouth starts watering at the mere mention of this dish. These are balls of heaven made with a yummy combination of melted dark and milk chocolate, cornflakes and roasted almonds, with a pinch of vanilla essence for taste. I have tasted millions of chocolate recipes, but I am so far yet to try one with cornflakes in it. I am sure it would be awesome.

And if my sweet tooth is still not satisfied, I would sweetly request Guptaji to make me some Cornflake Coconut laddoos. They are made with crushed cornflakes, chopped and mixed nuts, condensed milk, and of course, grated coconut. I love coconut laddoos. I am sure that the healthy and tasty cornflake added to it would not only reduce the guilt factor but up the taste quotient by several notches.

There seems to be no end to tasty treats at #KelloggsWaleGuptaji ka ghar. Even watching a movie at his house is bound to be a unique experience, as it would be accompanied by Movie Wala Nashta, none other than Cornflake Popcorn clusters. These yummy concoctions are made of cornflakes, salted popcorn, chopped salted nuts, brown sugar, butter, honey, and guess what – toffee! I am ready to bet a million dollars that you have never even heard of such an innovative popcorn. I sure haven’t. And I thought caramel popcorn was the best thing to have happened to mankind!

After indulging my sweet tooth to no end, and enjoying a movie with a liberal dose of cornflake popcorn, I would like to solemnly turn healthy and ask for a bowl of Homework Wala Nashta. This is prepared from chilled shredded cabbage, cornflakes, cucumber, grapes and celery. Each and every ingredient that goes into this dish is healthy and very low-calories, and yet sounds tasty. That is definitely not something that you find everyday. Guptaji taught me this valuable lesson: that healthy food need not be boring! And what a sweet lesson this was.

If Guptaji insists that I stay on longer, I would opt for a bowl of Chapatti Cornflakes Chivda as my evening snacks. It is made of cornflakes, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, cooked chapattis, dal, peanuts, sugar, and a pinch of turmeric. It is super healthy and light enough to not kill your dinner appetite. It is a great option for calorie watchers, and also for tasty treat lovers (like me).

Guptaji, invite me over soon. Otherwise, I will gatecrash myself.


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