Shake a leg


The splash of colors and the energetic moves in this part of the dance puts me in the Holi mood. This move is spontaneous and fun, which is the essence of Holi dance parties. That is the reason I think this move could be well incorporated in a Holi party dance, accompanied by a peppy, foot-tapping song, to liven up the atmosphere and energize everybody into joining in. This move is perfect while dousing everybody around you in colors, forgetting differences and simply enjoy the wonderful thing that is life.


This, without a doubt, is a great move for weddings. Weddings are about bright colors and boundless fun,a nd of course, a healthy dose of flirtation. So, this move can well be used for the spirited, fun-loving sister of the bride to have some fun with the handsome but shy good-looking friend of the groom’s. She can have her friends to dance with her, providing a bright and beautiful background to the dance. And sooner or later, the groom’s side would not be able to resist joining the pretty ladies in the dance, challenging them step for step, move by move. Eventually, the bride and the groom themselves would join in, and it would be what weddings are supposed to be- super fun!


This is a perfect move to charge up a friend’s baraat. This move would be great to perform in front of the horse to announce that the king of the day has arrived, and to invite the bride’s side of the family to join in the dance and festivities. This move is energetic and cute, just what is needed for a baraat. Friends and family of the groom can perform this dance all the way to the gate of the wedding hall.


One for the camera. This move is perfect for a close-up snap of the groom’s brother. It would show a clear profile and also remind everyone for years to come what a fun, charged-up party it was. This move makes it look like he is really dancing for the camera and challenging the camera to capture his move, which is very attractive. I can imagine several cameras flashing to capture this fun moment. Even after many years, the dancer himself would not be able to keep from smiling as he looks at this photo of himself dancing away while turning the pages of his family album.

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at BlogAdda in association with Colgate MaxFresh


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