Surf it All, Surf it Fast

Download the new UC browser here. Visit to find out how your cricket viewing experience can be even more fun.

Time and tide wait for no one. Neither does cricket. You might have a meeting that would define your career right at the time an India Pakistan match is scheduled to start. Yuvraj Singh may feel like scoring a century when you are stuck at a distant relative’s wedding. Cricket does not wait for your exams to finish, or for your nephew to finally blow out the candles on his birthday cake or for your girlfriend to get off the phone. So, if you love cricket enough, you must tweak your schedule, move your priorities around, and invest in the latest technology to pay cricket the respect it deserves.

And what would help you do that is the brand new UC Browser. It is the answer to the prayers of millions of cricket fans who are always worried that they might miss a match. Simply make good use of that smartphone, laptop or similar gadget and download the UC Browser. And never miss a single ball ever again.

Its seamless transitions would make cricket viewing a pleasure for every cricket fan who cannot be in the field or in front of the television. Also, its UC Cricket section is the mecca for all cricket fans. It has continuously updated scores, fixtures, results, latest news and videos. Simply download it and get going.

What I love about this browser is that, while I would not miss cricket matches any more, I would not miss the other little things in life either, things that crazy cricket fanatics put aside in cricket season. For example, I would not need to fake a cold and stay home to watch a match when I am expected at my friend’s anniversary party. I can still go, smile and wish, make merry and steal surreptitious glances at my phone every now and then.

No need to waste sick leave at work either. In any case, the boss is tired of hearing about stomach aches and high fevers and dead grandmas in the cricket season. I would give him a break and actually turn up at work. That would surely earn me some brownie points with him, at the same time I can easily keep my phone on my laptop keyboard and look down at it with all the concentration in the world, to give the impression that I am serious at work.

I can still give mom the satisfaction of relating to me every minute details of the wedding she went to over the phone, while keeping an eye on the match at hand. I can help my toddler solve puzzles while checking the score every now and then. In fact, I can even go for the movie I promised my friend, and keep myself updated with the scores when the move slows down a little.

UC Browser rocks!


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