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Many of us struggle with excess weight. And almost all of us consider ourselves experts when it comes to dieting. But sadly, more often than not, dieting is defined by people as not eating, or simply reducing food intake. This is not only a myth and often has no effect on body weight, it can lead to an increase in body weight. Worse, it can result in complications, disruption in bodily functions, a downward slide in energy and overall failure of health.

Staying hungry is the worst form of diet plan that there ever was. This result sin a drop in blood sugar levels and can lead to blood pressure fluctuations, dizziness and even fainting. Also, people who starve themselves, at one point or the other, give in to hunger spasms, and binge on high calorie food, than those who eat at regular intervals. So, it is important to keep yourself filled comfortably. But choose low-calorie foods like fruits and vegetables to satiate your hunger rather than fast food. Fast food, sugar-rich food and carbonated drinks give an instant energy boost, but this rush drops as fast as it comes. And what we are left with is empty calories that transforms into flab.

Our body needs a balanced dose of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins and other nutrition to keep functioning properly, for all body organs to remain healthy, to keep energy levels at an optimum level, and to live a long, healthy life. So, excluding carbohydrates or proteins from our diet just to lose weight is a very wrong thing to do. Crash diets like these only harm the body. What should be monitored is the quantity of these foods. For example, reducing the amount of carbohydrate intake and increasing the amount of vitamin intake is a smart move. Substituting flour with wheat, swapping the chocolate chip muffin for a bran muffin, eating yoghurt instead of ice cream, skipping the mayonnaise in your salad, opting for a fruit salad instead of a sinful dessert after meals or choosing grilled meat over deep fried meat are small but effective ways of remaining healthy and avoiding extra weight.

So if you want to lose health, eat right instead of eating less. For example, substitute sugar with honey. This would not only eliminate the empty calories that sugar brings into your diet but also gifts your body a host of other benefits. Honey is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, and it helps in weight loss and overall health management. Honey in your diet also helps in digestion, moisturises your skin to keep it young and glowing, and is a great natural remedy for cough and cold. It is tasty and easy to add to your toast, juice or cereal, or eaten by itself.


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