Seriously fast

Check out Airtel 4G – the fastest network ever!

We survived snail mail, we survived dial-up internet connections. But then came high speed internet, and the concept of speed was never the same again. Its importance sky-rocketed. Internet is getting speedier everyday. But it is never enough. We don’t know what we would do with the extra second we would get if the webpage loaded a heartbeat faster. But we want it. And the funny part is, we always get it.

Airtel has done it again. Spoil us silly. Or sillier. With its promise of super-super-super fast 4G connection. It promises a new definition of internet speed, the kind truly not seen before, as Airtel happens to be the first provider in India to roll out 4G internet. Do I want it? Duh. Obviously.

The first benefit of 4G that comes to mind is that my parents would now be able to enjoy an uninterrupted, clear as crystal master performance of my toddler’s nursery rhymes recitations over Skype from far away. No sudden video stops, audio fluctuations or call drops. In short, nothing to disturb the flow of the superstar in action. I would also be glad to not have my shots frozen in the most unflattering way when I am video-chatting with my friends. Being stuck on somebody’s screen with my mouth open in a zombie-like way is embarrassing for me, and I am sure not very pleasant for the person in the other end.

Next, movies. My loved source of movies is online. And over time, I have sort of resigned myself to the fact that buffering every 20 minutes and those painful turning wheels are a necessary price to pay. And try to not find it suspicious that the turning wheels turn up right at the punchlines or the determining points in the movie. Pause, Wait, Play. Repeat. Uuugghhh.

But Airtel now reminds me that I deserve better, and that I will now get better! You can’t blame me for adding a few more pages to my already never-ending movie wishlist. On top of that, while video streaming is now going to be super smooth, movie downloads are all set to be wink-of-the-eye business. You want to watch a movie? It is in your hard drive before you can say the name of the movie aloud. Wow, it is the stuff our modern dreams are made of.

What else? Oh, of course. Sending and receiving videos is now going to be a breeze. My friend from across the world makes this hilarious home video and the next moment, I am laughing like a mad woman, with zero waiting time in between, no blinking arrows trying your patience.

I can’t wait to get my hands on Airtel 4G.


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