Soft As The Fluffy Cloud

A baby’s skin is delicate and vulnerable to rashes, irritations and other skin conditions, especially in the first few months after birth. That is why it is very important to take very good care of their skin.

Soaking or playing for a long time in the bath is not good for baby skin, as it tends to dry quickly. A few minutes of warm bath are all that a baby needs to stay clean and fresh. Vigorous rubbing with towel after bath should be avoided. Pat dry with a soft cotton towel works best on baby skin.

A bath should be followed by a gentle massage with a reputed baby moisturizer to keep baby’s skin hydrated and soft. A baby’s skin might react negatively to particular brands of moisturizers. In that case, a trial and error becomes necessary till the right one is found.

Diaper rashes are the most common skin ailment in babies. To avoid diaper rash, diapers should be changed at regular intervals, care should be taken to see that the baby is not left wearing soiled or soaked diapers for long and the baby should be left without diaper for at least a few hours each day. Diaper rash can also occur because of diapers that are too tight or too small for the baby, so care should be taken to choose the right-sized diaper. If, in spite of these precautions, diaper rash does occur, it is best to see a paediatrician. Most likely, the doctor would prescribe a zinc oxide cream , or any other course of treatment depending on the severity of the problem.

Many babies suffer from prickly heat or summer rashes. These are red, tiny bumps, often itchy, especially on areas where sweat tends to accumulate – like the neck, back of the knees, back, under the arms, etc. Care should be taken to keep the baby dry and to ensure that sweat does not accumulate. The baby should be made to wear loose, cotton clothes, which should be changed from time to time. Using talcom powder should be avoided.

Baby’s clothes should be washed in a gentle detergent, which have less harsh chemicals than normal ones. Very often, skin problems, including diaper rashes, are caused by detergents – either by remnants of detergent left behind on the clothes or because a particular brand of detergent does not agree with the baby’s skin. Clothes should be washed thoroughly to avoid the first problem, and a method of trial and error should take care of the second.

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